Relaxing sound ambiences

At the beach

Nothing to do, nothing to worry about. Just listen to the sound of crashing waves and watch the seagulls playing with the wind.

Sounds: Beach, Seagulls

Piano and rain

Relaxing piano melody combined with a sound of a rain on a roof and a distant thunder.

Sounds: Piano 1, Rain on Roof, Thunder

Kitty purr

A happy cat just purring and purring away. A happy cat can make the owner happy too :)

Sounds: Cat Purr, Fire, Clock Ticking, Highway

Morning on a lake

Serenity and quietness. The only sounds that break it are those of paddles, crickets on the shore and some distant water birds.

Sounds: Boat Rowing, Whip-Poor-Will, Crickets

Horses in a pasture

Horses grazing peacefully in a meadow and snorting from time to time. Wind plays with their manes and grasshoppers keep hissing in the background.

Sounds: Horse Snort, Grasshopper, Wind in Leaves, Bee Colony